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The relationship between the commitment with the community and workforce motivation
This research seeks to understand the relationship between community engagement and motivation of workers. The universe was 169 workers to obtain a 56% response. The applied instrument contains 56 questions, 5 descriptive of workers, 32 community engagement and motivation 20. The reliability of both scales was good (Alpha de Cronbach 0,7.) Means, for commitment and motivation, more departments within the company hierarchy, management and human resources had greater knowledge of the activities of the company, and the impact of these in the community, they are also satisfied with their job and with the work being done within the organization. In contrast to these results are the sales and home selling, those with the lowest averages, reflecting less knowledge of the company's activities in the community and low motivation. The results of the analysis of correlations between variables community engagement and motivation yielded a statistically significant high and positive.