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Implementation of a balanced scorecard in the self-managed hospital of San Carlos in the Nuble region of Chile
This cross-sectional descriptive study achieved analyzes financial management, operational, clinical and care management in the San Carlos Hospital in the province of Ñuble, between 2010 and 2011. The updated information was collected from available official sources of information, agents of the Ministry of Health (MINSAL) and the Ñuble Directorate of Health Service, the management team and responsible for the main management areas were interviewed to identify implemented strategies. The data were obtained from the Management Reports of the institution and SIS-Q system of MINSAL, with this information was analyzed the existence of management indicators and the fulfillment of the goals of the 48 indicators of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) before to implementation (2010) and compared with the results one year after its implementation (2011). With the results and the descriptive analysis of the data, it was verify in general terms, that implementation of the BSC contributed to the management of the institution improving the fulfillment of the goals, with the definition of new indicators, sectors and individual assignment of responsibilities, criteria definition with periods of evaluation, training and support, also could verify the existence of development strategies aligned with institutional policies to improve the result of the goals.