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-The goal of Panorama socioeconómico, is to divulge original scientific work, or applications that show additional contributions, in the area of economics and business sciences, written in Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.

- The contributions are submitted to a revision process by peer reviewers. The authorship of the works is not revealed to the reviewers (blind review), so as to assure their necessary impartiality.

- It is necessary that all authors sign the presentation letter of the work and that they indicate the type of publication: (i) Guest article, (ii) Research article, (iii) Review of the literature, (iv) Miscellanea, (v) Scientific note and (vi) Book comment.

1. Guest article: concerns an actuality topic written by a specialist invited by the Editor of the Panorama socioeconómico journal.

2. Research article: is an original scientific work, or an application that shows an additional contribution, of research results obtained by the researcher.

3. Review of the literature: is an up-to-date revision of the literature about a relevant topic, including a discussion and implications of the principal results.

4. Miscellanea: concerns a mainly descriptive analysis about a general interest subject, showing numbers and main trends.

5. Scientific note: is a brief presentation about different subjects, such as new economic models, research and applications in ongoing development, new administrative or managing scopes, descriptions of statistical methods, etc.

6. Book comments: the journal also publishes short comments on recent books, focusing mainly on content and the areas of application in teaching and research.

- The papers must be sent (no diskette) in three copies on paper, (two without the names(s) of the author(s) to be forwarded to the reviewers and a complete one for the archives; the e-mail must be included), in letter size format (216 x 279 mm), numbered at the bottom of the page and centered, with 2 cm margins, with line spacing of 1,5, Times New Roman font in 11 points, and written on one side of the paper only.

- The text (body of the work) must be written as a continuous text, with tables, figures and any other graphics presented in separate sheets at the end of the article.

- Papers must be sent to: Prof. Germán Lobos, Editor, Panorama socioeconómico, Av. Lircay s/n, Casilla 721, Talca, CHILE. Telephone: (+56 71) 2200330. E-mail:

- After publication, the articles can be partially or completely transcribed through the citation of the author(s) and the year, number and pages in Panorama socioeconómico. The opinions and concepts expressed in the articles are solely the responsibility of the author(s).

- The research papers should be organized by Title, Complete Name of the Author(s) (without any abbreviations, separated by commas, and if there are two authors, separated by an &), Abstract (including Keywords), Introduction, Materials and Methodologies, Results, Discussion (or Results and Discussion), Conclusion, Acknowledgements (optional), all cited Bibliography, Tables and Figures. The article must be proofread in English by qualified persons before sending it to Panorama socioeconómico.

- The Review of the literature, Miscellanea, Scientific note and Book comment must be of a simpler structure (max. six pages), in continuous text (no figures or otherwise intermingled).

- In the first page footnote must be the author(s)'s professional level, address and up-to-date e-mail(s), with a mention about the financial support.

- Figures and tables captions should be selfexplanatory and concise. Captions, symbols, equations, tables, etc. should be in a size allowing comfortable legibility, even when reduced by 50% in the final printing of the journal.

- Vertical lines should be avoided in tables, and the horizontal lines should be use only to separate titles and show the end of the tables, avoiding double lines.

- Only the final version of the article should be accompanied by a CD, using preferably Windows Word® for texts and Excel® for graphics.

- The citation of authors in the text must be done in lowercase, both inside and outside parenthesis, and separated by " &" in the case of two authors. When there are more than two authors, citation should be of the first followed by "et al." in italics.

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