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Competitiveness of Benefited Vanilla Systems (Vanilla Planifolia J.) in the Región of Totonacapan, Mexico
The benefitted of vanilla is an important activity in vanilla value chain, because it generates dehydrated vanilla, which is a value-added product demanded by the national and international market. In this regard, it is important to know the level of competitiveness of this segment of the production chain. The purpose of this research is to estimate the competitiveness of two systems of benefitted vanilla in the region of Totonacapan, México. The proposed methodology is the policy analysis matrix (PAM) which generates two efficiency indicator; the private cost ratio (CPR) and the relative cost of internal resources (RCI). The information was obtained in the region during 2010, with a 15 owners of drying vanilla pod enterprises selected by directed sampling; the interview was administrated face to face. Results indicated that economic policy instruments have a positive effect in the performance of both systems because firms got higher private profi tability. The RCI in the traditional system was 0.60, indicating economic efficiency in using internal factors and it have comparative advantage (competitiveness) while ‘‘calorific furnace’’ system gets a value of 3.30 showing no competitiveness.