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Work-Family Enrichment and its Organizational Positive Effect: an Application on a Faculty Context
This paper aims to analyze the relationship between work-family enrichment (in both directions) and faculty job satisfaction, as well as the moderating effect of human resource ?exibility on the stated relation. Work-family enrichment is one of the most important dimensions of work-family balance and represents the positive side of work-family interface it refers to how work and family bene?t each other. Data were collected through surveys applied to university professors from Economics and Finance Faculty of Juan Misael Saracho Autonomous University (Tarija, Bolivia). Results show that work-family enrichment is positively related with job satisfaction, while family-work enrichment is not. Furthermore, human resource ?exibility is positively moderating the relationship between work-family enrichment and job satisfaction, even making also relevant the impact of family-work enrichment for faculty satisfaction. These ?ndings could be helpful inputs to design and implement policies concerning to work-family balance and human resource ?exibility, in order to improve faculty satisfaction and their contribution to the optimal performance of the organization.