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Evolution of Standard of Programs, Perceptions and Ethical Trasgresiones of Organizations of Chile and United States in the Period 2004-2010
This work determines the evolution of programs of ethical behavior, perceptions of the ethical practices of executives, supervisors and employees as well as the verifi cation of pressures to transgress ethical norms in the Chilean organizations with relationship to those observed in the organizations in United States among the years 2004 and 2010. The used inquiry instruments were a questionnaire (NBS, 2003) authorized for their use. The covering of the sample embraced fi ve regions of Chile that represent the population's 64.15%. The sampling was of the stratifi ed type - aproporcional and the size of the sample was determined with 95% of trust a stochastic error of 4.34% reaching the 254 elements you show them. In conclusion the Chilean organizations are located below their North American couples in several of the analyzed ethical aspects. In United States bigger presence of ethical programs exists inside the organizations, also in Chile bigger pressures exist to transgress the ethical norms that in United States. See observes a bigger number of bad practical in Chile that those perceived in United States, however the accusations that make the Chilean employees are smaller to those of their North American couples.