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Segmentation of Individuals According to Socio-demographic Profiles, Recycling Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior in an Emerging Economy
The increase in consumption has resulted in a raise in the amount of urban solid waste, this waste includes an important percentage of recyclable products. Unfortunately, in emerging economies like Mexico, the recovery and recycle of these products is still low. In order to increase the volume of recycled products is critical to obtain the active participation of the citizens; this requires identifying segments of individuals with similar sociodemographic and psycographic profi les that could be attracted with the proper social marketing programs. The objective of this research was to segment a sample of residents of the state of Mexico, located in the central part of the country around the capital. A hierarchical cluster analysis resulted in seven segments of individuals with different levels of knowledge and attitudes towards recycling and environmental problems and with distinctive sociodemographic profi les. These segments were related to recycling behavior in a particular event of recuperation of e-waste in the resident’s community. Two of the seven segments were identify as “active recyclers”, another three as “no- recyclers”, one as “indifferent” and the last one as “negligent”. The implications of this segmentation are discussed in terms of how to increase recycling among Mexicans.