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The Sociocultural Environment and the Competitiveness of SMEs in Mexico
The aim of this study was to analyze the competitiveness goal of Mexican SMEs to have a diagnosis for the Mexican context. We performed the analysis of key aspects of four factors: Socio-demographic and competitiveness, the Mexican business culture, public policies relating to SMEs and the ease of establishing business in Mexico. Among the major fi ndings of this study are: There is a socio-economic backwardness is mainly translated into: low levels of GDP per capita, unemployment and access to decent housing, the Mexican business culture has a lack of long-term vision and rejection to the delegation of responsibility and teamwork, the implementation of public policies to support SMEs with limited scope to establish business environment has improved in recent years in some respects, but yet there are others who are outstanding care such as: Registration of property, getting credit, protecting investors and paying taxes.