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Competitive Strategy and Technology of the Production Structure in Auto Parts Manufacturing SMEs in the State of Mexico. Multiple Case Study
Mexican SMEs have a technological problem that limits their stay and coordination with supply chains of sub-parts. The purpose of this qualitative research (based on multiple case study) is to identify and describe both the competitive and the technology of the production structure (product, process and equipment) in five SMEs certifi ed manufacturing and supply chain of auto parts of the state Mexico. The findings confirm the existence of competitive strategies with the predominance of one: fi rst differentiation prevails and, secondly cost leadership and focus or high segmentation. As the technology of the production structure, identifies the inclination toward equipment technology, due to consider them part of competitiveness, encouragement to innovations and improvements in products and processes as well as entering new markets. The challenge is studied SMEs that do not have quality management to confi rm what it represents, not only for companies but also the entire supply chain, and thereby demystify the administrative burden which sometimes leads, in order to enhance networks of cooperation aimed at innovation and supported by various institutions.