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Exporting Success Factors: The Case of Chilean Firms
The study was based on Chile’s export companies. An integrated framework grouped factors affecting export competitiveness into four dimensions: international strategic thrust, export-operative strategy, success at overcoming barriers, and access to foreign advantages. An associational analysis, regression with a backward method, enabled the identifi cation of factors that affected exclusively the export growth of successful companies. From the strategic management dimension, variables identifi ed and ordered according to their importance were expectations of CEOs on market positioning and market development, partnership strategies, export planning, and prompt foreign-needs assessment. From the dimension competencies for overcoming barriers, variables identifi ed were tariff barriers and company size. From the dimension of access to foreign competitive advantages, variables identifi ed were foreign suppliers, foreign investment, research and development (R & D) and foreign studies. In summary, Chile’s successful export companies followed a highly fl exible strategy for developing foreign markets that did not focus on positioning in each one, was driven by forecasted consumer needs, and established cooperative alliances and networks with foreign companies. Successful companies attained access to foreign comparative advantages or foreign diamonds through such means as receiving foreign investment, joint R & D projects with foreign fi rms, and human capital formation in foreign countries.