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The Role of the Restaurantís Service Quality as Antecedent of the Customer Loyalty
The objective of this research is to provide certain explanation about how the factors that compose service quality are predictors of the general customer opinion and his loyalty toward a restaurant. The data collection was conducted by a structured questionnaire in a 111 seating restaurantís customer sample. Six dimensions of service quality was included in this study, four of them Ėfacilities, food, personnel and, consistency and honesty- explain properly the general opinion about the restaurant; while accessibility and environment are the two dimensions that donít explain it. None of the quality service variables, one by one or together, explain properly the customer loyalty; that means that there is no evidence about the incidence of any of them in the loyalty generation. However, the general opinion, associated with tangible and intangible aspects, tends to explain the intention to return to the restaurant. The academic contribution of this research is helping the understanding of the relationship between multidimensional constructs as service quality and loyalty. In the other hand, the practical contribution takes place because the managers could focus their efforts in the critical areas of the restaurant to improve its quality service.